Double Elimination (Beta)

Double elimination competitions are in Beta and may experience some issues

The fundamental principles of the Double Elimination system is that when you lose a match, you go into a second pool of entries. Draws and then completed based upon a winners side and a losers side.

Below is an example of Round 1. All competitors are in the same pot, as no-one has suffered a defeat yet.

Base draw for round 1

As matches are complete it updates the entry lsit to notify you who has been defeated.

Indicating defeats

As you proceed to the next round, it will only carry over those with fewer than 2 defeats. In the example competition, the draw then indicates the bracket they are a part of.

Round 2 example showing separate brackets based upon number of defeats

You can see how with the results entered for Round 2, the number of defeats have increased for the two losers in the 1 defeat bracket. They become excluded from the Round 3 draw. The losers from the No defeats bracket go into the 1 defeat pot.

Showing those with double eliminations
And it removes the players it is meant to

You can use this in your competitions at varying stages, but of course the fewer competitors the less effective it is, and is best suited for large tournaments. When you reach the latter stages many competitions switch to single elimination (from the QF stage for example).

Match Setup

You can setup different Race To/Best Of for the winners and the losers side. You can force all matches to have all frames played, and also define a match time for use by the stream/arena.

Draw Setup

Witha double elimination you can draw either or both sides of the draw. What is most common, is that after a certain number of rounds you have a losers qualification round to last.