Custom Domain

Setting up custom domain is a fantastic way to own your leagues identity using RackEmApp. Your domain can be a lot easier for your league members to understand, shortcut to, and it is very simple to set up, assuming you have the right knowledge and access.

We can support both a top level ( or subdomain level ( custom domain.

In order to set up a Custom Domain, there are three activities you need to perform, you must own a custom domain and have access to modify the DNS settings of it. If you don’t know what this means, you are the wrong person for the task and seek help from your hosting provider.

  1. Update your DNS so that the A record resolves to our IP address which is This can take up to 24 hours to apply. Note you might want to do it both with ad without www.
    1. We recommend that you move your DNS to Cloudflare. You can do so for free and it provides great Web Application security. Please strongly consider doing this.
  2. Update your League Settings with the domain you want to use (
  3. Email letting us know your email address (that is linked to your RackEmApp user account), the league that you want this to be applied for, and the domain name being used.

We’ll apply the changes and set up the SSL certificate usually same day but certainly within 3 days. This is a manual process which is why it takes a little time for us to fit it in.