Entry Management

RackEmApp supports multiple different ways to allow players and captains to enter and pay for competitions. Additionally, you can capture some custom information about your entrants. This screen allows you to set up all of your entry options, as well as manage your list of comeptitiors.

Entry Options

Your entry options control how your players can captains can enter.

  • Captain’s can enter on behalf of players in the app and during initial team registration – This will allow captains to register entries on behalf of their players. This is usually done at the start of the season as part of the intial registration process, but can also be mid season or pre-season via the app in the My Teams section.
  • Players allowed to enter online directly via competition page on website – As mentioned in the Basics section, each competition has a web page and on there players are able to self-enter.
  • Open for entries for all channels – The above checkboxes enable the ability to enter via those channels, but unless this one is checked they willm not be able to actually enter. The best way to describe it is the above ones make them visioble, and this one makes it enterable.

Captain Entry

During intial team registration, captains can enter players as part of the online registration.

Online Self Entry

The competition’s web page can be found in your league website’s Competitions menu

The page will show a button that is active if “Entries Open” is checked will allow you to enter the competition. If you have set a capacity on the competition, it will also show you how full it is. Press Enter Online to start the process.

It will show you a number of rows depending on how many players need entering. In this example its doubles, so there are two players. To make it as easy as possible, if the user is logged in, it will prepopulate their details. Otherwise they can be manually entered.

As all players in RackEmApp are global, you should look them up based upon their R Number. It is hoped that players will learn to remember them, but it is easily found in the app on My Pool Profile.

Alternatively pressing New Player will allow a brand new player to be entered.

Assuming you have a payment method set against your competition, there will be a button to “Pay Online” or “Pay By Bank Transfer”. If they select “Pay By Bank Transfer” they will see the bank details configured to make a payment to you. If they choose “Pay Online” they will go to a Stripe checkout to pay for their entry by card.

Custom Fields

When accepting entries to a competition, you may want to collect additional information. Such as “How did you hear about this event” or “What will your home venue be”. The entries screen allows you to configure those questions, and the answer to these fields can be found on the Entries Report.

  • Use – Means the field is in use and will appear to be answered in the entry form
  • Field Name – The name of the field, or the question you are asking
  • Required – Indicates if it is a required field or not

They appear on the online entry screen and also in the app for captain entries.

Entry List

This is the list of entrants in your competition. You can quickly search for your entries and alter how many are displayed per page.

There are some quick actions you can perform/see here.

If there is a player entered more than once, it will highlight them with a red exclamation mark.

If the competition allows Pay By Bank or Paypal, you can quickly mark the entry as paid. This will also email a receipt to the player(s) entered. It will chnage to show Paid, and clicking the Paid link will take ou to a copy of the receipt. You can share that link with the entrants.

You can also delete a competition entry using the delete button. This is permanent, and irreversible.

New Competition Entry

This allows you to add a new entry to your competition. It varies slightly depending on if it is a Team competition, or an Individuals competition.

Team Competition

A season must be assigned to a team competition to enter teams to it. It will allow you to pick a team from a list of registered teams for that season. It will not show a team in the list that has already been entered.

Individuals Competition

You will have a section for each required player (for doubles, it will show 2 sections. You need to initially srat searching for the name of the person you want to enter.

As players are global in RackEmApp, it will search the global database, The search results are separated by your league and other leagues to hopefully allow you to choose the right player if they exist. Select the player to add them to the entry if they do exist.

Made a mistake? Press the Delete button.

If the player you are lookin for can’t be clearly found/identified, click the green Register New Player option

You’ll then get a simple form to enter a new players details.

Edit Competition Entry

Tappning the name of a competition entry allows you to perform edits agaisnt an existing entry.

  • Entry Description – The name of the entry as it is referred to throughout the competition. For a singles comp this might niot be very helpful. However for doubles or a 3 man you might want ti use just surnames, or a team name. This is what appears on the scoreboard, stream overlay and arena screens
  • Entry Players – This is the players that are a part of this entry. If it is doubles or 3 man or more you will have multiple rows here. Making a change here will reflect all matches in the competition.
  • Custom Fields – The valkues from the custom fields can be editd here
  • Handicap – If it is a handicap competition, you can adit the handicap here.
  • Payment Status – Mark an entry as paid or it provides a link to the receipt where appropriate.

Entries Report

This is a simple report that gives you all the information you need in one page.