A knockout round is your classic competition. The winner of a match progresses, the loser is eliminated.

When using a knockout round, it will always seek to round up however many entries are in the round to a full bracket, adding byes, to ensure the number of matches is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 etc.

A knockout round draws two entries together, home and away.

Match Setup

This section sets up how the matches in this knockout round will be structured. Configure it as either a Race To or Best Of and enter the number of frames.

There is an option to “Play all frames” but that is only really pertinent to a group competition, but has some role in some league player stats, which is why it exists here. You can also define the “Match Time” which is used in a stream/arena scenario when matches are time limited, like in Ultimate Pool.

Draw Setup

This is where you can perform your draw.

You can use the Manually Draw matches button if you want to make your draw a showpiece event, drawing names out of a hat on stream or in-venue. Or you may have just simply done it because your league dictates a witnessed draw.

Manual draw

But the easiest and hassle free way to do this is by Automatically Draw Matches. This will fully automatically draw your matches. It will draw players against Bye’s first the ensure there can be no Bye vs Bye matches.

Note: The automatic draw uses a shuffle mechanism. It shuffles the entries 3 times before drawing the home team and 3 times again before drawing the away team. It also records in the background the number of times the button has been rpessed to ensure transaprency. Code sample available on request.

Draw results


If it is your first round in a knockout competition, you may end up with more Bye matches than real matches. In this case you can press Make Preliminary and it will auto-progress the atches with Byes and only insist the real matches are played, labelling the round as Preliminary also.

Preliminary round

On the website it will also display all remaining entries so it ic perfectly clear that although their name isn;t in a match, they are still in the competition.

Start Round

Whever way you choose to do your draw, when you are happy with it you can press Start Round. Until you start the round, matches don’t appear on thre website, nor in players apps.

You can find out how scores are entered and how the competition progresses in the Round Execution page.