Round Execution

With your rounds underway what happenes next? Well firstly, you can notify your teams and entries of the draws be emailing them a copy of the draw sheet.

Self Entered Scoring

One of the best features about RackEmApp is the ability to get players to submit scores themselves, reducing your admin time massively.

For Team Competitions, they will utilise the Team functionality in the mobile app to submit scores in the same way they do a league game.

With individual competitions, we introduce the Scoreboard. The scoreboard is designed to be used as a scoreboard during a match on either a players phone or a tablet positioned near the match.

A link to the scoreboard is present on the drawsheet, as is the relevant match code. For registered players using the app, they can access the scoreboard directly in their app.

You only need to access the scoreboard once per match – there is no frame level validation and is “honesty” based. If you find your players misusing this then you can punish them appropriately in line with competition rules or the competition, and any misused results can be overridden by the competition director.

When you access the scoreboard directly, you have to enter your match code and press Access Scoreboard.

This step is skipped when accessed via the mobile app

Scoreboard landing screen

It’ll only allow you to access the scoreboard for an uncompleted match. But when you do, you’ll see a scoreboard that is responsively designed for mobile in portrait or landscape. For a better experience there is a fullscreen button which will try and run it in fullscreen, if the device supports it.

They can start of by indicating who won the lag. This will then set a break indicator against the frames so players know who is due to break.

They can then use the scoring buttons at the bottom to score each frames they progress.

If at any point a mistake has been made, press the Editor button to make corrections.

Scoreboard Editor

Once the winning threshold has been met, you can press the Complete Match button to submit it.

Admin Scoring

There will inevitably be occasions where either the players are not tech savvy to enter into the scoreboard, or someone makes a mistake, meanign you as competition director need to edit or insert a score.

This is very simple to do. On the Rounds screen where you have the matches lists, simply tap the Vs button or the Score itself and it will show you the scorecard yourself so you can edit it.

Click the vs button or the score

If its an “Individuals” competition you will see the relevant scorecard editor

Individual Editor
Team scorecard editor

Other Tools

There are other tasks you might want or need to utilize when administirng your rounds.

The Walkover buttons will be utilized when a player doesn;t turn up. This allows the “winner” to progress without it having to record a real score and skewing statistics.

The Advance button allows in a knockout round the match to be progressed without a result yet, so you can perform the next round of the draw.

The Calendar button allows you to schedule or alter the schedule of a match.

The Reverse button allows you to switch a fixture from home to maway and vice versa. Useful in cup competitions when there is a table clash.

The Presentation Options button is used to allow you to push a match to a table for use in an arena or for streaming purposes.

The Referee button allows you to schedule and assign referees to a match which can be useful in the later sages of comps where you might want a neutral ref. They can also access the Scoring options.

You can also schedule matches to tables automatically. For more informatch, click here.

You can copy a link of your live scoring page that is on the end of this button and share on your social media channels. This is simply a link to the competition web page, but a useful button to quickly access the share the information.

Finally, you may want to access Big Screen Mode. This will show a list of pending scheduled matches, matches in play, and results in a screen you can have in your venue to keep everyone up to date.

Round Progression

When all matches are completed, walked over, or advanced, you need to know what to progress through to the next round. This is slightly different depending on if the round is a Group round or not.

You cannot progress a around unless there is a committed result, it has been marked as a walkover, or set as Advance.


When all matches are completed for all groups, a button to “Proceed to next round” appears. For group matches it can only be pressed when all are completed as there are too many potential permeatations to proceed without it. So just press Proceed To Next Round.

Group proceed

You then get the option to choose which entries proceed. This allows you to advance the top 1,2 or 3 of them if you choose, depending how many teams you need in the next round.

Advance groups

You can then go back to the “Round Setup” and start all over again for the next round.

Other Round Types

Simply press the Proceed to Next Round button.

Then proceed as planned with your next round.

Losers Competitions

For Knockout rounds, you have the opportunity to create a “Losers Competition”, or “Plate” if you prefer. You can do this from any knockout round and it will take the losers from that round only and copy them into a brand new competition.

Losers competitions