Sets Matches

Another growing match format that is gaining popularity is matches that are based upon “Sets” – as in, 3 x race to 5s, with the winner being the person that wins the most sets. Which means theoretically the person winning the most frames may not be the match winner!

In RackEmApp, we now support this match format for Individual Competitions and Challenges matches – its not relevant for Team Matches, and as you would expect its fully supported by all our intgrated technologies like the Tablet Scoring, Arena Screen and Stream Overlay.

To utilise Sets, in your competition setup simply increase the number of sets. if the nunber of sets is more than 1, RackEmApp will assume that all results are based on the set score and not the frame score.

In the above example the match consists of 3 sets, each of which is a race to 5.

Naturally in a knockout match you would not have the number of sets as an even number as it would not result in a winner. But in Group matches, you can have it finish in a draw with an even number.

If the competition is a handicap competition, the handicap will apply to each set.

Scorecard editors then group the frames by Set and show the overall set score and the frame score for each set too.

And also, Referee mode does the same thing.

When using Referee mode in a Hotkey scenrio, the “Next Frame” is always the nxt frame from an uncompleted set. So in a race to 3, when that threshold is reached it will jump to the next set.

Score/Result lists have a different button to more clearly denote its a set based match.

The Scoreboard app also clearly denotes the set score and frame score

As does the stream overlay and arena screen.