The RackEmApp API

Modern cloud systems rely on them, and now we have one. Sort of. The foundations of one anyway!

There are multiple reasons why in the future you might want to extract data from RackEmApp into a 3rd party system. APIs allow this to happen.

The RackEmApp API is in Beta and whilst every care has been taken to test it, you might run into issue. As with everything do send any issues to

Functionality is limited, but we will be looking to expland it in the coming months, primarily around the retrieval of information (GET) rather then creation, update or deletion, but if you have a good use case for this, we’d be happy to build relevant endpoints to support your needs.

For now, the only documentation you get is the Swagger page, accessible at Please ignore the PWA endpoints, we cannot work outhow to remove them from this API documentation.

All API calls require an apikey as a querystring parameter on the endpoint. eg. ?apikey={your_api_key}

API Keys can be created in Your Organization > API Keys. Please treat them like passwords.

Use Case: StreamDeck

Our first requirement for the API was to support StreamDeck in a way that was more modern, so we worked with Wellingborough Cue Sports to design an interface can will allow streaming with StreamDeck to action buttons directly to the cloud that will drive our stream overlay with direct web calls.

For example, the call the set the ball colours with Home Red and Away yellows is like this. Replacing your table code and API keys for your own


You can configure all the endpoints to perform the same commands as is present in our Referee mode as documented in our StreamDeck support page.