One of the things that most leagues need is quick and easy access to a decent shot clock and match timer. We’ve now made one that will run as a standalone, but also, as a remote timer for use with the in-venue technology. But more on that later.

It supports the following:

  • Shot Clock
  • Warning time beeper
  • 5 seconds to go beeper
  • Extensions
  • Reducer (so the second half can have a shorter shot clock and extension)
  • Match Clock

To access it, simply visit Be sure to bookmark it and add it to your home screen for quick access later.

It will land you on the settings screen allowing you to enter some basic settings around your timings.

Edit the defaults if you want to. Otherwise press Save Settings.

You should have access to the clocks you configure.

Integrated Mode

If you provide the settings with a Match Code, the Timer can integrate both the Shot Clock and the Match Clock with

  • Stream Overlay
  • Scoreboard
  • Arena Screen

To display the shot timer and match clock for everyone in the venue and also watching online for a complete experience.