Season: Basics

The Basics screen is the first part you need to setup i order to create a season, but also contains all you might need to alter for various reasons midseason, and creates the framework in which your season will operate

It is split into sections which we will cover individually.

Season Details

This section covers all the high level basic information.

  • Season Name – The name of your season. For example “Winter 2023”
  • Ruleset – The ruleset in play. Your league website will have a handy link to the ruleset always available on its homepage. If we need to add another ruleset, please write to
  • Match Format – Pick the match format that you will use for your league matches. This will be used throughout the season, but you could use a different format for competitions if you wish. Optionally, you can choose to use different match formats per division if you like.
  • Allow teams to choose the day of the week their home games are played – This will unlock a special setting which means teams can be assigned a weekday. Fixtures will appear in fixture lists based upon that day of the week. This is not required in the vast majority of leagues.
  • Play each team x times differs per division – This is for when you may have varying division sizes, sometimes in different rulesets. it will allow each division to play each team x times independently. So smller divisions might play each team 3 times, larger ones twice.

Player Statistics Settings

This section covers anything relating to your player rankings and statistics and how they are calculated.

  • Statistics Name – The name you call your player rankings. This could be “Hotshots”, “Rankings”, “Merits”, “POY” or any other name you like
  • Statistics Method – The calculation type that determines how your players are ranked. You can optionally incude forfeitted frames in here (they are excluded by default)
    • Percentage – Based upon the win percentage of singles frames played
    • Wins – Based only on number of singles frames won
    • Percent Plus Wins – Will take the win percentage as a numebr, and add the number of wins to that number (So could exceed 100)
    • Percent Times Wins – Will calculate the win average and multiply that by the number of wins
    • Wins Plus Dishes – Number of wins is added to the number of break/reverse dishes
    • Appearances Plus First Singles – Will have a point for each appearance (playing any role on a match card, or appearing as a reserve) and a point for each frame won x 2
    • Wins Dishes Times Percentage – Wil add the wins and dishes together and then multiply that by their frame win percentage
    • Wins Dishe Decider – Will use the nunber of wins as the metric for rankings, but the number of dishes as the tie breaker
    • EPA County – Special method used for EPA regions
    • Game Based – This can be used when you are using match sections as games (IE best of 3s) within the match. It will then consider the result of that “Game” for win/loss purposes
  • Top Gun – This is an additional column that can appear and is based only on the first frame played in either the match or the first match section only.

Match Settings

This covers any timing related information for shot and match clocks used in the season, as the platform has a built in shotclock available to captains

  • Shot Clock Time – The length of time permitted for a shot
  • Shot Clock Warning Time – The amount of time which remains by which a warning might be called. The timer will buzz and beep at this point.
  • Shot Extension Time – The amount of additional seconds that get added if the extension button is pressed
  • Match Length (in Minutes) – The length of the match.

Season Timeline

The season timeline contains some key dates that are used during the season but also as part of the setup.

  • Proposed Season Start Date – This is the date the first fixture will take place on and is used later in the season wizard when generating your fixtures.
  • Player Registration Deadline – This is the date after which captain’s will be unable to self-register players, determined by your own league rules
  • Transfer Deadline – The last date by which players can be transferred in a season, if your league settings are set to allow captains to self-transfer players.
  • Team Registration Open Date – The date at which online entry for captains to submit their teams and competition entries opens
  • Team Registration Close Date – The date at which online entry for captains to submit their teams and competition entries closes

Team And Player Registration Settings

These settings relate to the costs associating with teams and players, and how they might pay for them.

  • Max Team Size – The highest number of players a team is allowed to register
  • Max Daily Registrations – The maximum number of players a team can register on the same day (mid-season)
  • Charge – How team fees are calcuated. per team, per player or per team and player.
  • Team Price – The base price for a team registration
  • Reregistration Price – If you want existing teams to pay a lower price than new teams you can offer a reduced re-registration price. Otherwise you should put it as the same as the main fee.
  • Additional Player Fee – The price per player to be registered
  • Pay By Bank Transfer – This box will only appear if you have provided your bank details in the League Settings and will, as part of the registration process, provide these details to the captains when they register. it is also required in order to enable the Invoice and Payments functionality.
  • Pay By Paypal – This will allow you to provide a paypal email address for invoices to be paid to including advice to pay with “friends and family”.
  • Pay By Card – Will support payments by card, including Apple and Google Pay, if setup. more details on this can be found here.