Groups (Round Robin)

Groups, or Round Robins, allow you to have matches against multiple opponents and produce a league table. This method is also utilised for Singles Leagues in RackEmApp, and you would also use this for any competition where you might play a match over 2 legs.

Match Setup

This section sets up how the matches in this group round will be structured. Configure it as either a Race To or Best Of and enter the number of frames.

There is an option to “Play all frames” which is useful in points-per-frame scenarios.

Group Setup

Ina Group, you are able to draw x number groups with a minimum group size of 2, and select if they play each other once or twice. You also configure here a league table profile, which determines how the scoring for the group table is configured.

Drawing Groups

If you want to make the group draw a showpiece in-venue or on a live stream, you can draw them manually from a hat and use the Manually Draw Groups button and assign the entries into groups. This is also useful if your league insists on some form of witnessed draw.

Manual Group Draw

The easiest and most efficient way of drawing your groups is using the Automatically Draw Groups button, which will assign the teams randomly into the allocated number of groups. As this is random, it does not account for table clashes.

Note: The automatic draw uses a shuffle mechanism. It shuffles the entries 3 times before drawing the first team in the first group, then the remaining teams in that group until all entries for a group are filled before moving onto the next group.It also records in the background the number of times the button has been rpessed to ensure transaprency. Code sample available on request.

If this is not a Single Day Event, you will need to configure any match dates that need to be allocated for the matches that are generated. You can pick from existing allocated match dates in the season calendar, or manually choose dates which will insert them for you.


The generated draws, either manual or automatic, result in a set of group league tables and matches to be played.

The group draw

Start Round

Whever way you choose to do your draw, when you are happy with it you can press Start Round. Until you start the round, matches don’t appear on thre website, nor in players apps.

You can find out how scores are entered and how the competition progresses in the Round Execution page.