Match Formats

Match formats are the structure of your scorecards. They allow a match to be split into sections of frames consisting of 1 or more players. Access the scorecards through Your Organization > Match Formats.

A Match Format is a collection of Match Sections, which is a collection of Frames. Frames are associated as Types which are linked to the number of players that get selected for any given frame in a match.

Match formats are mainly used for Team leagues, but can be used for competitions where there are 3 or more players per competition entry.

Formats and frame types

You can click a frame type to edit it, or press the red trash icon to delete it, or click New Type to create a new type. There is no real difference between Doubles and Scotch Doubles – no special fucntionality is tied behind that, it is just an example name.

Frame type editor

You can either create a New Match Format, or tap an existing one to edit it.

  • Name – This is just the name/description so you can tell it apart from other formats
  • Instructions – This provides an opportunity to include some instructions which captains see in-app when entering scorecards. For example if the order in the second half needs to change or theere are complex rules in who plays where.
  • Lock In Lineups By Section – If you check this, the lineups in the scorecard are hidden from each captain until, BOTH are locked in. Giving a completely fair opportunity for lineups to be fair.
  • Blind Frames – This will force a lockin of a frame by each side and not display to your opponent unless both sides have locked in. Cannot be used in conjunction with Lock In Lineups By Section.
  • Break Determination Method – Determines how the first, and subsequent breakers are determined in your matches.
  • Highlight Duplicate Match Pairings – If a selected frame matchup between two players has already taken place earlier in the match, it will highlight them in red.
  • Reserves – If this is selected, just prior to completing your match you will be able to define any reserves who turned up but did not play. This will facilitate an “appearance” if your player staistics use it.
  • Restrict Subs – This will limit any substitute to only be allowed if they did n ot play in the previous match section
  • Display Lineups – This will display the full lineup (respecting any “Lock In” status) in the live scores view of the scorecard.
  • Use Frame Captions – Set up a home and away frame caption to appear in your scorecard for each frame. For example to indicate a rotation in the playing order
  • Auto Populate LineupIf Frame Captions are in use, it will automatically change the player for all subsequent frames with the matching frame caption to the selected player.
  • End Match Early – This will allow the “Complete Match” buttons to appear for captains as soon as a winning threshold is reached.
  • Allow Jokers – This is a useful feature for when teams are short of players. Selecting “Play Joker” in the player list will randomly select a player that has played that match. Joker frames do not contribute to player rankings.


A match section is a collection of frames, and certain rules can be applied based upon these sections.

The structure of a match format (sections and frames) should not be edited mid-season, as it will have a detrimental impact on how scorecards are viewed on the website and may prevent captain;s accessing the scorecards on a match night.

  • Same player playes in whole section – This setting is used when you want to have mini-matches as a section. For example in a team of 5, each player playes a best of 3. You would have the same player for all frames in the section, with 3 singles frames in the section. This will mean you only need to select the player once rather than for each frame in the section.
  • Players can only play once in this section – If a player is already present in this section, you will not be able to select them again. This will prevent acidental double-sections of players
  • Randomize lineup on lockin – Once locked in this will shuffle the players so you get truly random matchups.
  • Frames – Use the green + to add a new frame and the red trash icon to remove one. Adding a frame allows you to choose the type of frame from the Frame Types list and affets how the scorecard gets entered. For example choosing Doubles as a frame type is set to require 2 players, so when entering the scorecard you will pick both players.
  • Frame Captions – The captions on the home and away side are used by the “Use Frame Captions” and “Auto Populate Lineups” feature