Feature Update: League Table Profiles

Hi everyone, we’ve been working hard on an update so big it needed its own article, as its a little complex to explain in a single facebook post.

For some time there has been a separation of logic between league tables for competitions/round robins and the main league matches. This means that singles leagues could not use the same points systems as team leagues.

We have now addressed that and brought them together into something called League Table Profiles.

A league table profile is basically a configuration for how a league table operates, and it is reusable. It covers the points awarded, the sort order, tie decider and other things that might be useful.

Best of all these can be assigned per competition (singles leagues) and also, per division. Meaning you can have different divisions with different scoring systems.

With immediate effect, these changes have been removed from the old screens. We have automatically migrated your profiles and assigned them to the relevant division/competition.

  • For seasons, a profile is created for all active or draft seasons, named after the season name you have set up
  • For competitions, a profile is created for any active competition with a group stage round, and the profile has been named after the competition

We hope you enjoy these changes and find them useful for your league!