Disputes and Penalties

Running a pool league rarely runs smoothly. Occasionally there are various reasons why, in the old, days, captain’s may refuse to sign a scorecard.

In RackEmApp, we have an equivilent system. When a captain compeltes ascorecard, they can place the scorecard in dispute. This will mark the result as Disputed and not update the league table.

When a team lodges a dispute, an email notification goes through to all the reigstered league admins. It only requires 1 team to submit a dispute, though both teams can of course dispute the same result. Disputes can only be issued at the point the scorecard gets approved.

The dispute is then listed in League Management > Disputes and Penalties

The system then lists the open penaltis. Click the View button to see the details of any given dispute.

You can see the details that each/either team have put in. It will only show the detail if a team has put in information. It may be that only the home side submitted the dispute, in which case the away side will not have a comment shown here.

At this stage, you will need to perform the necessary investigations to work out what has occured, make the alterations. When you have concluded your investiagtions and resolved the issue, you can mark it as resolved and put some notes as to the result of the resolution. The note you add will be emailed to the captains of both impacted teams.

You can also apply a points penalty, including a comment, as a result of any dispute. This will be applied to the league table immediately.

The league table will also display the pently information, as otherwise people may question why the points do not add up correctly.


There may be other reasons why you might choose to issue a penalty based upon your rules. This could be that a team didn’t turn up for a match, or haven;t paid subs on time.

You can press Issue Penalty.

You can then fill in the details to apply a penalty which will be applied immediately.

If you wanted to award poihnts to a team, you could enter a negative number here to give a “positive” pently, for example if you needed to undo a mistake.