Social Media Login Removals

We have now released a Mobile App which we believe will take your RackEmApp experience to the next level. However, in order to use the Mobile App, you will only be able to login with a username and password – not through your current social media login.

On April 1st, access to Captain/Player functionality through the web will be removed and you will only be able to use the App. Therefore it is crucial that you convert your account to prevent a disuption in your own match nights.

Any accounts that are not converted by 1st May 2024 will be deleted, and you will need your captain or administrator to re-invite you.

It is very simple to convert your account. If you need assistance, please let your local league administrator know.

The next time you login, you will see this message at the top of your dashboard. Tapping where it says Click Here will take you to your “Edit My Details” screen.

Firstly, take note of the email address you have registered. This will be required to login.

Scroll down to the section around converting your account, and fill in the form to create a password.

Pressing the button will refresh the page. You will receive an email confirming the change.

When you have converted your account, you should no longer login by pressing the Facebook/Google buttons.You can then proceed to find “RackEmApp” in the App Store or Google Play