The Pool League Platform

RackEmApp is the new web platform that will automate the running of your pool league and competitions, saving you hundreds of hours of time each year whilst offering a premium experience with live scores and real time data.

Our mobile friendly web application allows you to fully operate your pool league from the palm of your hand wherever you are, whenever you need to.

What does RackEmApp do? 

RackEmApp provides you with a hosted web site that automatically updates your results, league tables and player statistics, as well as content management for your rules, constitution and any other content you wish to make available. All completely ad-free and designed to make it easy for visitors to see team and player data that’s designed for mobile – as that’s how most of your players access it.

RackEmApp hosts a website for you providing live scores and real time updates

Create your seasons with a handy wizard style approach, and allow your teams to register themselves, their players and enter competitions directly online, optionally allowing them to pay by bank transfer, debit/credit card, or Apple/Google pay.

Secure online payments with an industry leading payment provider

Captain’s drive the site, each receiving a login that allows them to process electronic scorecards securely which allows live scores and ‘as it stands’ league tables to be produced. Manage player details, register and transfer players and upload a team logo to customise your team experience.

Captains submit scorecards through their mobile phone to power the live score and real time data updates

Players can claim their own Pool Profile, so they can upload their own profile picture and see their data across all leagues they play in that use RackEmApp. The more leagues that use it, the better the experience for everyone.

All players get a detailed player profile page detailing their frame history

How does it handle competitions?

Competitions are a breeze to run, offering knockout and group stage rounds – or a mixture of you wish – for team cups or individual competitions like singles, doubles etc. Process through your rounds in less than 5 clicks to advance, draw and email your participants with the information action that they need.

Competitions are easy to run

Competitions are supported by the Scoreboard! A handy player app that can be used as a physical scoreboard in venue which also provides live score data.

What is RackEmApp’s purpose?

We’re committed to promoting pool. It is our fundamental belief that through offering players and other casual visitors an easy way to keep up to date with local league, that is shareable on social media, will drive engagement  and popularity of your league. And with the time savings RackEmApp will give you, you and your committee and spend more time on promotion and other initiatives to drive pool in your local areas.

Whilst we are new, we are committed to innovating our technology and features to ensure your league continues to be able to offer the best possible experience to your players.

Find out more?

RackEmApp is the only app you need to run your pool league. Write to us at to find out how we can help you get started.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Got full details on our functionality and how to use it, check out our knowledge base.