Request For Information

Hello! It’s great to welcome you to RackEmApp. Thanks for enquiring about us and what our platform can bring to your pool league.

RackEmApp was built by people that are passionate about Pool. We are dedicated to using technology to drive engagement through modern methods to help grow the game, whilst making the administration of your local leagues a breeze, saving you valuable time to focus on promoting pool in your local area.

This article points you towards some great resources you can review to see if RackEmApp is for you. If there is something you can’t find, doesn’t make sense, or you have a need you don;t think we can cover yet, please drop us a line via our Facebook page, Twitter or Email and we’d be delighted to chat about your needs.

We can also arrange a 1 hour remote demo via Teams to be able to show you the oftware in action and answer any questions you have with one or more of your committee. Just drop us a line via our Facebook page, Twitter or Email.

And when you are ready to register, head over to!