Having sponsors for your league is a great way to either fund the use of RackEmApp, your trophies or anything else that you can think of. At RackEmApp we will never implement our own Ad schemes, so Sponsors are a good way of you selling advertising space where you retain all the revenue.

Sponsorship is about more than placing the advert, always try and insist that your sponsor has a link to your RackEmApp page too. This helps search engines find you and assists in our mission to deliver higher levels of engagement to your pool league.

A league can have 1 main sponsor, that appears above the line, as in, it will always be shown on all pages without a need to scroll. It can then have up to 3 other sponsors. These all appear below the line, so generally speaking will require a user to scroll to see them.

We have added the sponsor logos to every public facing page you can see.

Just because you can be sponsored, it doesn;t mean you have to be. In fact, the aesthetic of your page is better without the sponsors being on it. But we have to cater for many demands and help pool leagues to succeed so this is one way we can support that.

Setting Up

Sponsors can be found in League Management > Sponsors.

Sponsor Setup

At the top you choose which sponsor you want to have as your Main sponsor and your other 3 sponsors. You manage your sponsors in the list below where you can create, edit or delete them.

From your sponsor you will need 3 images and the website they want you to point to. These should be (in pixels)

  • 468 x 60
  • 238 x 60
  • 150 x 150

And when you have those images, browse to upload them!

Sponsor Setup