Competition Tie Breaks

Usually competition matches are races and the thought of a tie-break isn’t happening too frequently. However with the advent of new match formats like timed matches, sets matches, but also for team competitions, sometimes you need to settle the score another way.

So we’ve added a configuration to allow you to do this.

Recording the deciders is supported in all modes. Scorecard, Scoreboard, Referee mode and Admin.

Blackball Shootout and Penalty Shootout

These two are the same functioanlly but named differently for aesthetic purposes.

Effectively it will allow you to record an additional score against the scorecard. So you could have 3, 5, 10 or 99 shots to decide it. You simply enter the scores. This gives you full flexibility on any rules you want to apply

Six Red Shootout

This is the same as the Blackball/Penalty Shootout, except it allows a decimal entry and the lowest scroe is the winner.

The time recorded is in Seconds, so if it is 1min 10.45 seconds, you will record 70.45

Additional Frames

Only for Team competitions, this will allow you to create additional x frames that get added on to the result. These could be “Captain’s picks” or drawn from a hat.