A team is a group of players that complete in a match. Usually led by a captain who picks a team. Team matches are considered the core of RackEmApp.

Within RackEmApp there is the concept of a “Team” and a “Season Team”.

The team is the name of the team that carries the heritage and history with it. Team names can change seasonally, but if a group of players foem the same pub has been competing together for 20 years, any titles they win belong to them regardless of what they happened to name themselves.

Team Management can be performed in League Management > Teams

You can’t create a team here. Teams belong in the domain of creating a season, and that usually happens at the start of a season. This screen instead allows you to edit the team (which views their details – click the team name to do this), and also delete a team (which you can only do if there are no seasonal teams linked to it.

There is also a button for Download Captain Contacts which will download the names and numbers of all your team captains. It is your responsibility at that point to handle that personal data responsibly.

After clicking a team you get the details for the team, or parent team as it is often referred to. You can alter the name – but that does not alter any of the seasonal team names. You can also deactivate the team – that will remove the team from the list of selectable teams when captain’s self register their teams.

The team season history has a list of all the season teams for this team. Clicking the + button will allow you to see the details for that season team.

You have the following properties you can edit

  • Team Name – This will update the team for the season it is linked to, and will update all fixtures, results and league tables immediately
  • Captain and Vice Captain – This alters the name of the captain/vice captain on the team profile page and captain contacts page. Altering this does not grant/revoke captain rights, you must still do that in Player Management.
  • Venue and Table – Altering this will alter the fixtures and team profile, but it will not account for any table clashes in fixtures. It will simply override the details across the website.
  • Handicap – The handicap applied to the team for scoring purposes
  • Parent Team – The parent team this seasonal team is linked to. This is editable usually to correct data entry mistakes.

You can also see/access the following functions

  • Access the Invoices and Payments for the team. For more information, click here.
  • Review the teams player list and competition entries

You can also delete a season team.

Deleting Season Team

Deleting a season team usually happens midseason, when a team folds or is unable to fulfil the remaining fixtures.

It performs a “soft delete”. The team becomes invisible from the website league tables, fixture pages and results pages – but the underlying data remains.

The reason for this is, because the wins and losses that drive the player statistics are still valid. Those players contested and won those frames.

If you wish to expunge those from the record entirely, you must first delete all the results for the team in Fixtures and Results. This delete is permanent and completely irreversible. When this is completed, you can then come back here and delete the season team.