Round Setup

With your competition setup, and your entry list completed, you can start setting up your rounds.

In RackEmApp, generally speaking each round is created sequentially. You you start off with round 1, then when that is done you set up round 2. But there are some nuances, and you can progress, pre-draw the next round too.

Similarly, generally speakinng you can mix and match rounds in the same competition. For example, round 1 could be a group (round robin), round 2 could be a group, and then progress into a knockoout.

Competitions can be setup to be runon a certain date, for example if you had one night that a round is executed on, or you can allow for a window of time for tmatches to be be played.

There are 6 different types of round supported at the moment, each with their own special considerations. Click the name of the round type to find out all the details of how rounds of these types get utilised.

  • Knockout is a knockout elimination where the loser exits and the winner progresses.
  • Group is a round-robin style of matches, pairing home and away matches for each combination of teams in the group.
  • Double Elimination is a round which tracks the number of defeats an entry has and allows for 2 defeats prior to elimination
  • Predetermined Knockouts allows the full draw to be completed either in a seeded way or a randomised way for each round, so competitiros can see their route to the final.
  • Mini Knockouts allow for diffferent tables to operate their own mini-knockout for a round, with one winner progressing from each table to the next round – a bit like sub-rounds
  • Last Man Standing – Popularised by Ultimate Pool, this is effectively “Winner stays on” and will draw a single match per round consisting of the winning player from the previous round (if one exists) allowing you to randomize the draw or have a manual challenge system